Marshall Flippo

Square Dance Caller

4555 S. Mission Road, Space 129, Tucson, AZ 85746 and cell phone 520)331-9465 e-mail

News for Friday September 4, 2015

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Rhythm Records

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Marshall's UTUBE Videos

PHOTO Album from Ricon Country 2007

PHOTO Album from National's Convention 2004

PHOTO Album from Wichita Nationals 2008

PHOTO Album from Little Rock, AR Nationals 2014

 Marshall Flippo's Square Dance Schedule

Marshall Flippo

Flip in NY 1998

The Schedule at Ricon
A listing of the square dance events that Marshall Flippo

is scheduled to do in the coming year 2014/5

Quick LOOK at the Schedule

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Ken Bower

Wade Driver, Mike Seastrom, Kenny Bower, Flip, Dee Dee, and Ghost Riders band, 2008 N S D C




My Buddies

Tony Oxendine

Ken Bower

Jerry Story

Bill Harrison

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Vic Cedars database
Kirkwood Lodge

Flip at Lakeland,Florida convention 2012

Flip at Kirkwood with Tony and Jerry August 2000

Flip at Kirkwood with Ken Bower and Dee , Chuck & Gerry Hardy

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